Equality, Comfort, Community

The Public Comfort Station at Pratt Spray Park is designed to be the first all new Gender Neutral toilet room facility for Seattle Parks and Recreation. These single-occupant rooms will not only reinforce the rights of gender minorities to use facilities safely, but also accommodate the needs of parents with infantsm fathers with daughters, mothers with sons, disabled persons with caregivers of opposite sex, and children’s group leaders. The building’s roof incorporates a slight curve by ascending structural steel angles from one end of the building to the other, adding interest to the architectural design. The upper portion of the building is enclosed with open screening to aid in sound and light transmission, and to create a safe environment. Users will know that a call for help will be heard and that inappropriate behavior will not be completely concealed.

HWA has been supporting Seattle Parks and Recreation with great pride, creating architectural design projects to serve all people in our community. The expression of each individual community will be reflected in the various installations of this prototype throughout Seattle.


Pratt Spray Park, Seattle, Washington
2016 - Present

Project team

Hoshide Wanzer Architects 
Principal in Charge

Site Workshop 
Prime Consultant 

Seattle Parks and Recreation